Wednesday, 13 November 2013

White-throated Kingfisher - Halcyon Smyrnensis

Each time I spot this bird I get excited. I love the colors on this bird. Most of the times I forget to click a photo of the bird; just watch it sit or fly. This bird happens to be the White-throated/White-breasted Kingfisher.
The White-throated Kingfisher can be seen at gardens, forests, wetlands, and areas surrounding freshwater. This bird is a widespread resident of India, and therefore, makes sighting easier. When you drive out of city, observe area surrounding a field or water body, you may see this bird. You can even spot this bird at the Lalbagh lake.
The deep-brown color on the head, the white on the breast and throat, and the blue on the wings make the bird interesting. When in flight, oh, these colors look stunning especially against the blue sky or green fields.
Again, I must say that I spotted plenty of White-throated Kingfisher birds when we drove through Thiruvanamalai district, Tamil Nadu. The roads were horrible; only plus point was the sighting of several beautiful birds (and in plenty!).

White-Throated/White-Breasted Kingfisher sitting on a pole (roadside)

The same kingfisher flew and sat on the wire


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