Thursday, 14 November 2013

Bronze-winged Jacana - Metopidius Indicus

It's a beautiful morning today, and a Friday!
If you plan to drive out of town, stop by at a wetland or fresh water-body with good vegetation. You can observe the Bronze-winged Jacana silently walking on the vegetation. These birds walk delicately on the leaves, with their long thin legs huge feet; have a prominent white eye-strip, yellow bill and under cheek, black body, and bronze-brown upper part (wings). The jacanas are also known as Jesus birds or lily trotters.
Both sexes seem alike; however, the female bird is bigger and prettier than the male. They feed  insects and other invertebrates. These birds breed in India, and build floating nests on shallow waters of lakes. In this species of birds, the females compete for the harems of males to incubate their eggs. Read more on the Wikipedia page.
If you reside at Bangalore, the easiest place to spot these birds is the Lalbagh lake.


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