Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Jacobin Cuckoo - Clamator Jacobinus

We drove towards Coorg, and on the way, stopped to stretch our legs. When we got down from our vehicle and looked around, we saw a cuckoo sitting on the wire (along with Babblers on the neighboring bush). What luck!
This cuckoo is known as Jacobin Cuckoo; resident and migratory in India. Towards south of India, this bird is found all round the year. Black crest, Black body with White throat and under body, and Black-White patterned tail. The bird can be seen often perching in the open; habitat being forest, wooded areas, and bushes. Has a sharp call piu piu pee pee piu; get noiser during breeding season. Yes, the bird is a brood parasite; the host may be Babblers. No wonder the cuckoo sat close to the Babblers!

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