Monday, 4 November 2013

Oriental White-eye - Zosterops Palpebrosus

"Cheer cheer cheer!" I heard in the early morning, and I replied, "Cheers to you too!" Took me a while to spot the bird that cheered the morning. The bird was the Oriental White-eye, which belongs to the small bird category. In the photo, you can see that the bird is smaller than the smallest leaf on that tree. Thankfully, this bird sat peacefully and allowed me to click a photo.
The Oriental White-eye has a distinctive white ring around its eyes. The throat and upper parts of the body are yellowish, and the underpart is whitish. Both sexes look alike. This bird is a resident breeder in parts of India, and resides at forests, islands, mangrove, and so on. Though they are social and stay in flocks, they tend to separate during breeding season. The birds are insectivorous but also enjoy nectar and fruits.

For a long time, I stood observing the activities of the Oriental White-eye. Loved its white eye-ring!

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