Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Indian Roller - Coracias Benghalensis

Have you spotted Karnataka's state bird? You have! Congrats :-)
We have spotted the state bird, Indian Roller, several times when we drive out of the city towards Mysore/Coorg. Recently, when we drove through the Thiruvanamali (Tamil Nadu) district, we saw more than 40 Indian Roller birds; after a point, I lost count. They sat pretty on poles and wires roadside. Real close proximity to humans!
The Indian Roller birds are widespread across India. When in flight, the blue and turquoise colors on the wings look stunning. These birds feed on insects; can also fancy smaller animals and snakes. For information about breeding and nesting, see Wikipedia article. 
The India Roller is also the state bird of Andra Pradesh, Bihar, and Orissa.

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