Monday, 25 November 2013

Rose-ringed Parakeet - Psittacula Krameri

Who doesn't love parakeets? We have several parakeets at our neighborhood, and these birds visit our garden too. During summer when our mango tree blooms flowers and flaunts fruits, the tree is filled with parakeets. It's soothing to listen to their calls during the mornings and evenings.
During our drive through the Thanjavur district, we sighted number of Rose-ringed Parakeets. They flew in pairs, some courting, and some flirting. The male and female rose-ringed parakeets look different; the male birds sport a ring around the neck. We observed the courting dance, and was it
 fun to watch!
The rose-ringed parakeets are resident (original) of India. They mainly feed on fruits, buds, grains, and so on.Their population is decreasing due to pet trade. Because these birds can mimic human speech, people like to keep them as pets. Well, if one is desperate to keep these birds as pets, please grow a garden; these birds will naturally visit and stay at your house.

Updated Feb 21, 2014: Added a photo of female rose-ringed parakeet, sitting on our Neem tree.


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