Friday, 15 November 2013

DIY - Bird Feeders

Happy weekend, all!
This morning's project was to make bird feeders from disposable containers, and then place them at several locations at both our land garden and our terrace garden.
I save the plastic disposable containers, which I've been using as seed trays or spare feeders for my kittens or for anything else that catches my fancy.
A wonderful thought struck me - why not use these containers as bird feeders? I made two holes on the side of the containers, ran a wire across the holes, and then tied the container to trees and bars (on windows). Long time ago, I had bought a pack of bird feed (grains), from a pet shop. I filled the containers with the grains. Oh, if we have rains, all I need to do is cover the containers with their lids. Ta da... The grains will stay dry. :-)
Now I got to wait and watch if the birds are able to find the feeders. Otherwise, I need to tie the containers at different places. Keeping fingers crossed that this experient works fine!
Yes, of course, you too can make this simple bird feeder.

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