Thursday, 3 October 2013

Welcome, and a Hello to Black Kites!

I'm starting a new blog, Our Friends of Nature, to show my gratitude to the animal world (birds included!). I plan to share photos and write-up about these friends that I meet or see or interact with. Some of my stories about my garden friends are already available at Rake and Spade.

Black Kite - Milvus Migrans
At Bangalore (and at other parts of India), one can easily spot a Black Kite. We have several of these birds living on the trees of our neighborhood. One of the kite families occupy a tree next door; branches stretch to our garden. I've seen the kite build nest and nuture the hatchlings.
In the past, when I went to the terrace to photography the kites and the hatchlings, oh, the kites were furious. They took turns to hover around my head, and then made a dash at me. That's when I realized the size and strength of these birds. As long as you aren't a treat to them, they can tolerate you!
I've seen the kites glide own on to our terrace garden, sit on the edge of the waterlily containers, and drink water. That's a beautiful sight! On some other days, I've seen them sit on our Neem tree, holding their hunt. The kites have also taken a piece of bread that I would place for other birds. On days when our little kittens would play, I've seen the kites glide down to check the kittens out. Well, the kittens would run into their hiding spots.
What I've also enjoyed are the times when the kites teach flying to their young ones. We, humans, assume that we are the only superior ones to care and nuture our infants; however, most animals and birds not merely nuture their young ones but also teach them survival techniques and independentness.
Next time you spot this (common) bird, please stop to admire it.

 At dusk, I saw these birds flight.

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