Friday, 4 October 2013

Common Tailorbird - Orthotomus Sutorius

We have both land garden and terrace garden. The land garden has, among other trees and plants, ixora plants. These plants are huge, and hosts several birds; one such bird is the common tailorbird (Orthotomus Sutorius). This season we spotted common tailorbird's nest made from stitching leaves of ixora plant's leaves. The nest had three chicks; absolutely adorable!

The tailorbird's song is lovely; one can't miss to recognize it. Our mornings and evenings are filled with those melodies. The birds feed the hatchlings almost throughout the day. If we waved our hand over the nest, the hatchlings would open their mouths, assuming that we were the parents bringing them food. Watching the birds feed their hatchlings was a serene sight. 

After a few days, we saw the birds teaching their chicks to fly. You can read it here: Tea party at our garden. When the birds abandoned the nest, I cut off the ixora plant's branch that hosted the nest; observed the nest.  The leaves were stitched together to form a cup. The inside was made from soft fiber. Oh, beautifully made!

Currently, another pair of tailorbirds have been training their chicks to fly. Interesting to watch them!

1 - tailorbird's chicks; 2 - parent holding an insect
Tailorbird's nest in different angles

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