Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Red-whiskered Bulbul - Pycnonotus Jocosus

During early mornings, when I am at our kitchen cooking breakfast and lunch, a little bird greets me with beautiful melody. This bird is the red-whiskered bulbul. Sits on the telephone line, and sings. After a few seconds, another bird joins. If a vehicle or pedestrian passes by, the birds take flight. Dah! On some days when I am home in the evenings, I hear the bulbul's song but have not spotted the bird. It's sad that we haven't spotted a bulbul's nest at our garden.

The red-whiskered bulbuls have crimson whiskers and crimson patch under the root of their tails. Both the sexes resemble each other, and share parental duties. One can see bulbuls in pairs or in small groups at favorable environment. These birds are active (and noisy) during the mornings and early evenings. The enjoy flying from one thick shrub or tree to another, and eating berries, fruits, seeds, buds, and smaller insects. At certain parts of the world, the bulbuls are considered to be pests because they seem to damage fruit crops (by eating them or pecking on them).

These birds easily get disturbed by noise. A few months ago, one of the roads at our neighborhood was closed due to some work; all the vehicles were routed through the road in front of our house. Such noise, I tell you! During those days, none of the birds were to be found at our garden. Even our kittens refused to go outside! When noise-levels reduced, some birds have returned; but the bulbuls are yet to come home.

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When driving out of town, spotted this bulbul pair; one of them is holding a goose-berry in its beak!

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