Sunday, 13 October 2013

Spot-billed Pelican - Pelecanus Philippensis

 Being a native of Bangalore, we love the morning walks at Lalbagh garden. We have grown seeing the flora and fauna of the garden (; along with how people dirty the place). A friend and I would volunteer to help a lady (, who was also a volunteer,) clean the garbage at the garden. Unless we develop self-discipline, our home/city/country can't be clean.
As always, the spot-billed pelicans have arrived at the Lalbagh lake. These birds are known to nest here (and at other lakes of Bangalore) and at various places across Southern Asia. These birds live in colonies. Was wonderful to watch them glide on the water, sink their beaks inside the water, catch a fish, and then gobble it down their throats. Eat well, my dears; you need strength to lay eggs and hatch. We are all eagerly looking forward for your hatchlings!
We stood admiring those birds, for a long time. The birds looked magical when the Sun's rays fell on them at different angles and intensity. As we stood silent, a wave of people (known as noise pollution) walked the path, and puff, the birds flew away! Come on... Mornings are to celebrate the melodies of Nature; not to infuse noise pollution. Dah, why do such people even wake up?

The gang :)
Two of us

I'm off!

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