Friday, 10 January 2014

Wasp/Hornet Nest

Thank God, it's Friday! And thank Mother Nature for all the elements that She has beautifully created for a purpose.
Walking is a great habit. Gives an opportunity to stop for a while to admire the surroundings. During one such stroll, I found the wasp's nest on a Ficus tree. The wasps were busy flying in and out of the nest. The nest itself was a marvel; such an architecture!
The wasps make these nests from wood fibers, using their saliva to mix the fibers to form a paper-like material. The queen initiates the construction of the nest, and then let's the sterile female wasp workers to take over the construction. The size of the nest can approximately indicate how many females workers form the colony.
For more information, read Wasp (Wikipedia).


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