Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Ashy Woodswallow - Artamus Fuscus

Wishing all of you a happy and a prosperous new year, 2014! If you thought I went missing from the virtual world, well, you are correct. :)
Our cat littered four healthy and lovely kittens, and that has kept me busy. Today, as I sat browsing through my photo albums, I found photos of this beautiful bird - Ashy Woodswallow - and decided that I must share the photo with you.
Sighted this bird at Coorg, on a cloudly morning. I walked around hoping I could spot birds, and voila, on a bare tree sat the Ashy Woodswallow. Wikipedia mentions that this bird is usually found in groups; however, I saw a lone one. I stood for a while to enjoy the sighting. I returned to the view-spot again that day and on the next day, but didn't sight this bird or its family/friends.
Well, I was lucky to spot at least one Ashy Woodswallow! Went back, made notes, and referred to online material/books to know about this bird. The bird has grey underparts, darker shade head, a silver colored beak, and short legs. Both sexes may resemble each other; however, it seems that the color of the mouth may be different. Both parents take part in building nest, incubating, and nurturing the chicks. The bird feeds on insects. The bird has special feathers called powder down; read more about it at the Wikipedia link that I have mentioned.
Each living being is beautiful and has a story about it. Joy engulfs us, when we modestly surrender to the creations of Mother Nature and swear not to disturb it.

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