Friday, 28 February 2014

White-cheeked Barbet or Small Green Barbet - Megalaima Viridis

We hear the calls of White-Cheeked Barbet throughout the day. The Barbets flew from one tree to another at our garden and our neighbourhood. Sometimes these birds sit on buildings for a brief while. They live with other birds such as Bulbuls, Mynas, Pigeons, Crows, Parakeets, Kites, and so on. It's fun to quietly observe the White-Cheeked Barbets. I've had difficulty in getting a good photo of a still Barbet. Oh, they are active birds, refusing to sit tight at one place!

During afternoons, say by 3.30ish pm (IST), when I sit out at our terrace, I can see the White-Cheeked Barbets explore our Neem tree, Mango tree, and Christmas tree. I've counted about eight White-Cheeked Barbets; not sure if they are unique ones. I've to learn to identify uniquely the Barbets.

Yes, the White-Cheeked Barbets can be loud. Their pucock/kutroo call goes on the entire day. Well, they can also be quiet especially when exploring something. Slightest disturbance can cause these birds to take flight. Oh, the Barbets observe my cats-kitten and me when we sit out on terrace or play!

Happy weekend!


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