Saturday, 1 February 2014

Indian Golden Oriole - Oriolus Kundoo

Our garden attracts a lot of birds. These birds have become a part of our lives, and they tend to be comfortable with us around. When I work at our gardens (terrace and land), the birds don't mind me; they continue their business. Our mornings and evenings are filled with melodies from different birds. During Spring, throughout the day, we can hear their melodies. I enjoy capturing them through my eyes, and most of the times, I put my camera away.
Today, there was a surprise in store for me. I was photographing our little kitten, and oh, I see birds sitting close to our porch. Silently, I opened the door, and went out to get a closer look of the bird. Ah, it was the Indian Golden Oriole! Oh my God, what a Saturday Surprise! I clicked a photo of this lovely bird.
The bird neatly camouflaged with the dried leaves of our Neem tree. The lovely golden color of the dried Neem leaves and the golden color of the bird were amazing. The pale Red bill and the Black eye stripe (looks like eyeliner) made the bird look glamorous. I think this bird is a female; please correct me if wrong.

Growing a garden and nurturing it has benefits beyond imagination. Isn't it?
I am a happy person, indeed!
Indian Golden Oriole sitting on Neem tree

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