Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Birds of Sydney Botanic Gardens

Hello friends,

During my recent visit to Sydney, I was lucky to spot a few birds even after the storm. The Botanic Garden is a beautiful place to sight birds. The Cockatoos, Noisy Miners, Ravens, and Mynas are noisy birds. Silver Gulls, Ibis, Doves, and Swallows are common birds. Ibis can be bold and stalk you, if you have food with you.

A flock of the most beautiful cockatoo birds were feeding on a patch of lush Green grass! I was thrilled to see them. I stood for a long time observing them; went closer to them; kneeled on the wet grass; clicked a few photos; whispered to them. And soon I was surrounded by these big birds. What a blissful state! Also scan the Eucalyptus trees for the Cockatoos.

Walk around to spot a Kookaburra; I saw it when rushing back to Circular Quay on a cloudy evening. The bird was on the ground, foot of a tree, with the Noisy Miner investigating the reason! Lorikeets look beautiful in the setting Sun; these birds suck nectar from a variety of flowers. The aqua birds are a plenty in the swamp area/palm grove of the garden.

I was on the look out for the Powerful Owl and Nightjar, and the Flying Foxes, but couldn't find them. I heard that the foxes had migrated elsewhere. If I visited the garden repeatedly, I would have found the owl and the nightjars, and other interesting birds.

Here's the list of birds that I sighted:

  1. Australian Magpie
  2. Noisy Miner
  3. Australian White Ibis
  4. Dusky Moorhen
  5. Sulphur-crested Cockatoos
  6. White-faced Heron
  7. Little Black Cormorants
  8. Indian Myna
  9. Australian Raven
  10. Kookaburra 
  11. Rainbow Lorikeets
  12. Silver Gull
  13. Grey Teal
  14. Masked Lapwings
  15. Magpie-lark
  16. Spotted Dove
  17. Rock Dove
  18. Pacific Black Duck
  19. Tree Martin
  20. Welome Swallow
  21. Crested Pigeon
  22. Australian Wood Duck
Birds of NWS


For a detailed list of birds, download Birds of Sydney.


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