Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Birds of Bhutan September 2014

During my visit to Bhutan, I managed to photograph a few birds. I couldn't photograph some birds or some of the photos aren't clear. There were several birds that only my eyes captured. I have video (no sufficient light) plus audio recording of chirping of birds. The last photo (on which copyright printed) is Rusty-cheeked Scimitar-Babbler; supposed to be rare to sight. Well, I'm happy that I have secret birding places to go back to, at Bhutan. 

Birds of Bhutan
The birds of Bhutan sighted during my visit are as follows:
  1. Red-Billed Chough
  2. House Crow
  3. Pigeon
  4. Grey-backed Shrike
  5. Oriental Turtle Dove
  6. White-capped Water Restart
  7. Drongo
  8. Black Kite
  9. House Swift
  10. Common Kestrel 
  11. Russet Sparrow
  12. Eurasian Tree Sparrow 
  13. Red-Vented Bulbul
  14. River Lapwing
  15. Common Myna
  16. Eurasian Hoopoe
  17. White Wagtail
  18. White-throated Kingfisher
  19. Grey Treepie
  20. Rufous Treepie
  21. Long-tailed Shrike
  22. Sandpiper
  23. Rusty-cheeked Scimitar-Babbler 
  24. Oriental Skylark/Yellow-browed Tit?
  25. Green-backed Tit
  26. Yellow Billed Blue Magpie 
  27. Spotted Dove


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  1. great photographs. May be you should display each picture separately. The birds sitting on wire is great one. Nice blog too.