Sunday, 15 June 2014

White-browed Bulbul - Pycnonotus Luteolus

A friend and I went on a drive to Devrayanadurga on one of the Saturdays. Was fun to sight a lot of birds! One such bird was the White-browed Bulbul. As we descended the hill, we sighted this bird, sitting on a tree for a while. I mistook the bird to be Yellow-browed but my friend provided the bird's correct ID.

Wikipedia description helps in distinguishing between the White-browed and Yellow-browed bulbuls.

"This species is identifiable by the white supercilium, white crescent below the eye, and dark eyestripe and moustachial stripe. The vent is yellowish and there is some yellow on the chin and moustache. The throat is however largely whitish unlike in the similar looking and sounding Yellow-throated Bulbul which is found in rockier habitats. Three or four hair-like filoplumes are present on the nape."

White-browed bulbul

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