Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Painted Stork - Mycteria Leucocephala

We've grown up seeing these birds at Ranganathittu bird sanctuary (at Mandya district, on way to Mysore). The season happens to be from November to June. We can also see this bird nesting at Kokkarebelluru. This is a small sleepy village; villagers protect the birds during nesting period. In fact, they have a protection area for the young ones that fall off the trees or those that are abandoned by parents. Will talk more about these two places later.

The Painted Stork is an amazingly beautiful bird; widespread resident in plains. The down-curved yellow bill, orange head, pink legs, long wings,white-black wings, and pink tertial feathers are distinctive of the bird. The juvenile is greyish-white and has greyish-brown feathers. The adult birds look stunning when in flight.

Painted Stock collecting nesting material
Adult Storks with chicks

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