Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Golden-fronted Leafbird - Chloropsis Aurifrons

Coorg hosts several birds. I'm yet to prepare a list of the birds that we saw at Coorg.
Yes, I get lazy at times. :-)
Among all the photos that I clicked, I couldn't identify one bird. The bird and its similar friends showed only their backs. When I was flipping through a book about Indian birds, I observed the similarity of the bird in the photo to a leafbird.
And then I was confused whether the bird was Golden-fronted Leafbird or Jerdon's Leafbird. Read and understood the differences between the two species, and then compared with the photo. Came to the conclusion that the birds were Golden-fronted Leafbird because the bluish moustachial patch did not cover the throat; if it covered, then the birds were Jerdon's Leafbird. I posted the photos on Indian Birds Facebook page, and requested experts to help me get the correct ID.
That's the beauty of birds! They mesmerize you as well as confuse you about their identify. ;-)
A few photos of these birds...


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